Saturday, 10 November 2012

Xander's First Night In His Cot (In His Nursery)

We had to do it, he was simply getting too big in his Moses basket. Throughout the night he was thrashing about and waking himself up. On top of that he was snoring loudly which was waking both myself and hubby up and us coming up to bed at different times meant we was unintentionally waking him.

In an ideal world i'd prefer to keep him in with us until he was six months but his cotbed is far too big for our room.

So tonight I started a new bedtime routine. 7pm changed into pj's, feed, put on his sleep bag, carried him upstairs, put him in his cot awake (but drowsy) and within two minutes he was sparko! Will report in the morning how his first night went! I have a feeling he'll have more sleep than me (I'm currently sleeping in the spare room on the same floor as his bedroom with the monitor switched on the loudest mode!) Sweet Dreams all!


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