Thursday, 2 May 2013

A week of firsts!

Last week was such an exciting week! With a flick of a switch Xander all of a sudden started doing some fantastic tricks! He's become a right little show off!

I have to admit there was certain things I was becoming a little anxious about. Concerned that maybe he was a little bit behind developmentally. You can't help when going to different baby groups compare where your little one is with other babies of a similar age.

Then all of a sudden: bam! It all comes along at once! In the space of a week or so Xander now:
- says 'baba' and 'mama'
- shakes his head 'no' when you're talking to him! (when hubby tries to encourage him to say 'dada' he shakes his head which is particularly amusing!)
- he waves.
- he claps! (all you have to say is the word clap and he claps, any songs that mention clapping he joins along with! 'if you're happy and you know it' is now his new favourite song and has been dubbed 'Xander's song' at our regular baby group because of how excited and animated he gets when we all start singing it!)
- he has began to get himself into crawling position and has (admittedly only once) crawled a small distance.
- he has began to pull himself up on furniture and walks around it.
- he can stand on his own unaided for a few minutes.
- he has began walking (with the aid of what I call his baby zimmer frame!)

Additionally to all of this:
- he got his first tooth! And then his second! His bottom ones! He looks so cute with them!! And fortunately for us he hasn't made a fuss about it!
- we also went swimming for the first time! Which he absolutely loved!!! (I plan to write a seperate blog post on this!)

So all in all a pretty eventful week! And I have learnt a pretty valuable lesson. There's no point stressing over the small stuff! It will all happen when they're good and ready!

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  1. Yay go Xander! You are right, don't stress it! But we do don't we?! Even now I do, I wonder if K is developing the same as his friends but he's fine. They usually are! Love Xander's teeth pic! Fab. Sounds like you are all having a great time. Take care Zo xx


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