Wednesday, 23 January 2013

REVIEW: Gumigem necklace

When I visited The Baby Show back in October I met the lovely folks at Gumigem:

Gumigem jewellery has been especially designed for mum to wear and baby too teethe on! All the range is made from a soft flexible silicone which is safe for babies to pop in their mouth and munch on! That's right, a fun stylish piece of jewellery that doubles up as a baby teething aid!!

They kindly gave me the pick of their stall and allowed me to select a piece of jewellery to review when the time came for Xander to start teething.

I selected this beautiful necklace:

Well, the time has come! Xander has begun teething and he's a grumpy little so and so!! His cheeks are red, he's very dribbly and his fingers are constantly in his mouth. At just over five months the tip of his very first tooth poked through the gum.

For Christmas Xander received pretty much every teething toy under the sun but Xander has dismissed them all. Nothing has been able to beat his fingers as a means if soothing his irritated gums.
At this point I decided to try out the Gumigem necklace I received back in October. Here's our views on the necklace:

What we loved about the Gumigem necklace:
- Lovely bold design which is very fashionable!!
- Fun bright colour!!
- I've worn the necklace out and about and received lots of compliments! Many people were surprised to discover it actually served dual purpose as a teether!
- The necklace can be washed in warm soapy water or popped in the dishwasher for hygiene purposes!
- The necklace has a breakaway clasp which means if baby tugs hard on it they won't strangle you!!
- An ideal teether in babywearing scenarios.
- This has been the one item Xander has actually chomped on for more than two minutes and does appear to be easing his discomfort.

- A whole range of colours and designs available at very reasonable prices.

Potential issues with the necklace:
- It was difficult to encourage Xander to take to the necklace at first. After telling him for the last couple of months not to pull mummy's necklace I was actively encouraging him to play with this one! It may be worth wearing the necklace well before the teething process to encourage familiarity with the item.
- It's not a teether the baby can have and play with in their own. It is important to remember safety. You couldn't really take off be necklace and give it to baby to munch in unless you was very carefully supervising baby as there could be a potential chocking hazard.
- Could encourage clinginess if baby wants to use your necklace as a soother/teether. On reflection I would be more inclined to by the silicone bangle for this reason.

Overall I think Gumigem jewellery is a wonderful idea and there is such a brilliant collection of designs I'm sure you will find a colour or design that really suits your style!! Gumigem jewellery would make a fantastic baby shower gift as the mum-to-be could wear the jewellery straight away as a fashion statement! And it would certainly make a change from bibs and babygros! It's a gift for both mummy and baby!

We received this item free of charge for the purpose of this review. All views expressed are my own.

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