Thursday, 13 December 2012

REVIEW: Give the gift of a clean house!

When I first became a mum I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of jobs around the house there was and how little time there actually is in any single day to do them! Pretty much everyone I spoke to gave me the same advice: cleaning can wait, just spend time with your baby.

Well, that's been my mantra for the past 4 months and I'm ashamed to say I have really neglected my house in that time! Of course i've kept tidy the visible bits of the house, it's all those little jobs that I've put to one side - cleaning inside the kitchen cupboards, scrubbing the lime scale off the shower cubicle. Every time I go to tackle one of these little jobs motherhood gets in the way and it gets put on the back burner for another day!

But today all that's changed! I have been given the exciting opportunity to review a Cleaning Gift Voucher (thanks to Fuel My Blog) The concepts simple, you buy a friend/ family member some vouchers from the website for a denomination of your choice and the recipient then selects a service from the site! (there's an extensive range of options from cleaning, oven cleaning, odd jobs)

I was given a £45 voucher and selected the option of a cleaner for 3 hours.

So today's the day! Instead of one cleaner arriving three turned up (2 trained cleaners and one who is undergoing training) and instead of doing three hours they're doing 90 minutes (which suits me fine as I'm off out Christmas shopping after they leave!) But lucky me I currently have one cleaner in my bathroom giving it a deep clean, one in my ensuite and another cleaning through my kitchen, including the cupboards!! All this being done whilst I'm playing with Xander and blogging!!! I could get use to this!

When the cleaners left I had a good look around my house and was pleasantly surprised by the high standard that the cleaners achieved in such a short period of time!!! I could never have achieved all of this in such a short space of time, I can start with a clean slate and keep up the cleanliness! Plus now my house is sparkling in time for Christmas!

The only minor criticism I have about the overall service is the language barrier that occurred between the cleaners and myself. It took a while to communicate with them and get across what I would like done. But all three cleaners were polite and hardworking!

If you ask any busy mum what they want for Christmas I would imagine most if not all would say TIME, give me TIME!! This is exactly what these vouchers offer! Although you'd have to be careful not to offend anyone by giving one of these vouchers as a gift!!

But you don't have to buy one of these vouchers as a gift, it's a perfect opportunity to arrange to have a cleaner as a one off in your own home without a weekly commitment.

I also think that one of these vouchers would be the perfect gift to give a mum to be at a baby shower! Those first few weeks are so insanely busy that a cleaner would be the perfect gift! I've already told hubby when I have baby number two I'm most definately buying the voucher for a cleaner 2 hours a week for 4 weeks to make those first few weeks a little more manageable!

You are able to purchase the vouchers directly from the Cleaning Gift Vouchers website. It's the perfet last minute gift as the voucher can instantly be emailed to you to print off and place in a card!

We received this voucher free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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