Thursday, 6 December 2012

REVIEW: Slug and Snails Boy Tights

Slugs and Snails is the original boys tights company, set up by a mum who living on a chilly hill on the West Coast of Ireland recognised a gap in the market for a product that could keep little boys snug and warm. The result a complete range of tights in masculine fun designs and bright, bold colours!

The lovely folks at Slugs and Snails offered us a pair of Hampton design tights for us to wear and I couldn't wait to put Xander in them. Admittedly hubby was a little sceptical of the concept of boys in tights, but once he saw how fab they looked on he was won around!

The hampton design are baby blue with a fun sailboat design. We found the colours within the design made it very easy to match the tights up with tops we had in Xander's wardrobe.

I first put Xander in his tights when he was feeling unwell. I could tell straight away how comfy and warm he was. Exactly what you want for your little one, especially when feeling under the weather.

The other outcome I liked about these tights was the flexibility Xander had in them. After just a day of wearing them Xander became more aware of his feet and began to put his feet together and lift them up to play with them!!

To summarise - pros and cons:

Heres some of the pros of Slug and Snails boy tights (some identified by the company and some myself):
•No more lost or odd socks.
•Warm legs and snuggly toes.
•Flexible yarn and generous sizing allowing room for nappies and chubby legs
•Soft non-slip text on the soles, ideal for wooden or ceramic floors.
•Funky designs loved by little ones.
•Unlike many girls tights the design doesn't stop at the knee meaning you can wear them without trousers and you can easily couple the tights with a top/ jumper.
•The perfect potty training emergency outfit, just pop a pair in your bag and you have trousers and socks ready to wear with minimal fuss.
•Beautiful packaging ideal for gifts and baby showers.
•A possible stocking filler gift.
•Fair price, cheaper than most trousers.
•Nice and quick to select outfits for baby. Pair of tights and a top, hey presto! Perfect for when you're on the go!
•A warm but fairly thin layer which is perfect to put on baby underneath a chunky snow suit.
•Perfect if like Xander he was born in summer and friends and family brought clothes for the baby in larger sizes but they were summer designs (such a shorts/ romper suits) you can just pop a pair of tights on underneath)
•Unisex designs (although marketed for boys the designs could be ideal for parents keen not to dress their little one in the stereotypical colours/ designs.
•Ideal when babies are in the in-between stages of clothes (I.e when 0-3 month is too small and 3-6 month is too big, isn't that so annoying!)
•Some positive comments from some of the mums at Xander's baby group (two little boys there are regular tight wearers but their mums hadn't heard of Slugs and Snails and wore plain grey/ navy blue tights) they were delighted to discover they existed!

•We had a couple of comments from family members who were less keen on the concept of boys in tights. I guess it's a matter of personal preference.

However we're completely sold on these tights and will certainly be buying more pairs in the months and years to come!

We received these tights free of charge for the purpose of this review. Views expressed are my own.

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