Thursday, 28 March 2013

More Easter crafting!! Footprint chicks!

Tuesday afternoon we had a wonderfully crafty time all in preparation for Easter! I'm an avid card maker and love crafting with my (8 month old) son, even if at the moment he's not 100% sure whats going on!

For ease we create a lot of footprint art! So we made a couple of easter chick cards to send out to Xanders grandparents! 

They were so simple to make. All we did was painted Xander's foot in yellow poster paint (he likes this - it tickles) and then stamped it down on a white card base. Then using an orange felt tipped pen drew on the beak and feet details. We stuck on some goggly eyes and some yellow feathers for wings! To finish off the card we printed off a happy Easter sentiment using the computer!! 

I just love these Easter chicks!!! Hope you manage to find some time for Easter crafting with your little ones! Happy Easter! 

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  1. Very cute. Hope you got the paint off without little yellow footprints everywhere! Happy Easter.


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