Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Round One: Controlled Crying. Mummy 1, Xander 0.

It's the middle of the night and I'm looking for something to occupy me for the next ten minutes before I check on Xander again. Yes... Tonight I've decided enough is enough and I've given into the controlled crying technique!

Xander has slept through the night on and off since about three months. Just when I think we're getting somewhere something pesky comes along and puts a spanner in the works (colds, chest infections, teething)

He's just got over a chest infection. He's well, he has rosy cheeks so expected teeth soon. But there's no reason why he should be waking as frequently as he is at night. I haven't made it easy on myself. I've succumb to giving him milk feeds at night. Which isn't a problem if he was only waking up once on the night. But last night he woke up 5 times! He's drinking milk he doesn't need (he's having three solid meals a day and at least a pint of formula during the day) I'm
Essentially rewarding him for waking up unnecessarily. He needs sleep... So do I!

So I've read up on sleep training and controlled crying. I had a good chat with my friend Steph and even saw it in action today as she put her son jack (a week younger than Xander) down for a nap. And have decided to adopt the super nanny (Jo Frost) approach. 2 minute interval... Check ... Double to four minutes... Check... Double to right... Check... Double to 16... Check... I now have one minute before I need to check him again and he's literally stopped crying...

I've been and checked... He's asleep!! He's turned 180 degrees in his cot but he's fast asleep!

I'm under no illusion I'll probably have to do again at least once if not twice tonight. The technique says should be effective after seven consecutive nights. We will see! But round one to mummy!

(also wish to thank a lovely guy on twitter called Spencer, @adadcalledspen who offered me a lot of support tonight during intervals. It meant a lot to have some encouragement!)


  1. Keep at it love, just when you think it will never happen it does! I had to do it with Lily and I remember sitting on the top stair crying my heart out and then after one more night she did it.

    Good luck hun xxx

  2. I recall going to the top of the garden while my son #2 yelled in his cot - it was a summer's evening, I chatted to a supportive neighbour over the fence. Son's Dad (my ex, you see) checked on son to ensure not actually in dire straits. We won eventually!

    I guess that garden fence was today's social networks!


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