Sunday, 25 November 2012

REVIEW: Heat Holder Socks

How super chilly cold is it at the moment!? I'm one of those people who really feels the cold and end up wrapped up like the michelin man throughout the whole of winter. My feet especially get icy cold. When i was approached to review Heat Holder socks i jumped at the chance - my feet especially get super cold throughout the winter and i often wear more than one pair of socks to keep them warm! Heat Holder socks claim to be 'The Ultimate Thermal Sock' with the promise of 'No more cold feet' so i was very willing to put them to the test!

I was sent a pair of black extra long (knee high) heat holder socks to review:

It was clear before even putting them on that they are not your average pair of socks. They take up a fair amount of space in my teeny tiny sock drawer! There's a lot of sock for your money and they're so thick - they mean business!! They're not the kind of sock you can wear with a pair of pretty ballet pumps but absolutely PERFECT under a pair of winter boots!!

Now, as i said i'm the kind of person that really feels the cold. I have worn these out and about a few times now and can honestly say my feet have never been so toasty! This isn't really a suprise as they boast a 2.34 tog rating (5x warmer than a typical cotton sock)

Not only do they do a superb job in keeping your feet so warm but they're so comfy as well! The insides of the sock have been intensively brushed. The results in the sock being able to hold more warm air close to the skin, not only that super soft on your feet and toes!! Just like wearing a pair of warm fluffy slippers!!

Let's be honest, we often resort to buying socks at Christmas. If you go down this route, why not consider buying your friends and family some Heat Holders. There are mens, ladies and children products available in a whole array of colours. They're ideal for the chilly weather!!

I received these Heat Holder socks free of charge for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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