Sunday, 11 November 2012

Xander's First Night In His Cot: Update

So last night Xander slept in his cot in his room for the first time:
Here's how our night went:
7pm: got Xander changed into his pj's, fed him, popped on his sleeping bag, carried him up to his room (awake but drowsy) and sat by his cot until he fell asleep which took all of two minutes! By this time it was approx 7.45pm
12am: Xander woke up crying. He was coughing a little (he's had a cold and can't quite shift the cough) I popped some vapour rub onto a muslin and tied it to his cot and also fed him 3oz of a bottle and he fell back asleep. All in all this took approx 5-10 mins.
2.45am: His coughing woke him up. I listened to him on the monitor for a little while. But he started getting ratty and so I went in. Discovered that he'd pooped. Changed his nappy, then gave him a feed and popped him back in his cot awake. He soothed himself back to sleep.
7.10am: He wakes up. First night done! Look at my cheeky boy so happy sleeping in his own bed:

It wasn't the perfect night, but on a positive note it wasn't any worse than it has been in previous evenings recently.

What helped?
• I was given some advice from my friend Steph (who is a 2nd time mummy who has a little boy just one week younger than Xander) regarding the routine. She suggested change for pjs, feed, then put on sleeping bag and then take to bed, read story/sing lullaby, then let baby fall asleep. It was a really manageable nighttime routine and hopefully he'll begin recognising the queues for bed within the next week.
• I realised he hasn't spent to much time in his room so yesterday afternoon we spent time up there. I showed him around and even laid him in his cot for a while.
• I got organised before I took him up . Prepared a changing station with nappies, wipes and fragrance bags. I also prepared a bottle of boiling water and some measured out formula milk to use as backup to breastfeeding milk.
I set up two plug in night-lights. One near his cot and one near the changing station. They're not very bright but I can at least see a little with them. This meant I didn't have to put in the main light and made a cosy atmosphere for Xander.
• I also checked and double checked the monitor in the afternoon. So I was reassured I'd be able to hear him ok in the night.

What hindered?
• I didn't consider that people may choose to have their fireworks night last night. Several houses nearby did and I think this may have resulted in Xander not having a deep sleep initially.
• Additional to the noise of the fireworks our neighbours also decided to be extremely noisy last night. I think they had a little gathering that went on until approx 2am. If the noise persists tonight I will have to go around and politely ask them to be quiet.
• Xander still has a cold/cough and this seems to get worse at night. I ended up rubbing vapour rub onto two muslins and weaving through the bars of his cot. This seemed to clear his airways a bit.
• Additional to the cough/ cold he's also showing early signs of teething.
• Me! I probably was a little impatient at times and over cautious. If I'd left him at 12am he probably would have drifted back to sleep himself. I need to trust the monitor and only intervene when he's distressed. (Thats if I want a full night through again!)

So we will try again tonight. All in all it wasn't a bad night. I actually feel like I got more sleep last night than any other recent night (which is something I desperately needed!) and hopefully Xander will begin to get use to his new environment very soon!! I will keep you posted on our progress!


  1. Glad it went well! I am struggling with my 8 week old as she just wants to be held...wont sleep in her cot, hates being on her back and she ends up sleeping on/with me just so that I can get some sleep :/

    Not good!

  2. I'm glad he is getting on ok in his cot. I was so sad to but Thomas in his cot but I think he loves all the extra space now x


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