Friday, 16 November 2012

REVIEW: Stone Bridge Hair Accessories

I've started doing my Christmas shopping. Have you? If you're looking for Christmas gifts for women/ girls you may wish to visit the Stone Bridge hair accessories website.

Stone Bridge Hair Accessories ( specializes in handmade luxurious hair accessories ranging from hair bands to claws and clips.

Stone Bridge offer a wonderfully unique service to their customers. If you're unsure what hair accessories would be suitable for you (or the gift recipient) you can fill in their online form titled 'Tell Us More About Your Hair' and their hair consultant will recommend a few suitable accessories to choose from ensuring you purchase the correct item(s) for you!!

In order to select the items to send me to review I completed the online form, which asked me questions about my hair colour, texture etc and then received an email shortly after with five suggestions of hair accessories. I selected two headbands to review. These were:

1) Super Comfy Half Inch Headband in midnight blue:

This headband certainly lives up to its name and is extremely comfortable to wear. Most headband I've owned either make your ears ache or the combs dig into your head but not this one! It's French made and is of very high quality. Its very lightweight and you almost forget you're wearing it!! The midnight blue colour is beautifully elegant. The headband has been finished and polished by hand, there are no rough edges to catch on your hair. It is also available in a Pale Plum colour (which is most definitely on my wish list!)

2) Squares Link Headband (mosaic)

This headband is very delicate looking, despite it's width. This is because of the open cut out design. Again it's very lightweight. Despite its weight it still very effectively pulls back your hair and like the super comfy hair band doesn't apply any pressure behind the ears like other headbands I've owned before. This headband is also handmade and finished in France and its super shiny finish is a result of it being hand polished, meaning that there are no edges or sharp bits to catch and snag your hair, helping to keep your hair in smooth, healthy condition!

Although Stone Bridge Hair Accessories may seem expensive they're worth spending that little bit more on. They're beautifully made and superb quality. With their unique hair consultation feature you just knoew you're going to recieve a hair accessory that is a perfect match for you! They come beautifully wrapped and would make a lovely Christmas gift. I know I would be ecstatic if I were to receive a Stone Bridge Hair Accessory (or two!!) this Christmas! (hint, hint any friends or family reading my blog!) Check out their website today!

I received these headbands free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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