Sunday, 4 November 2012

REVIEW: Tummy With Mummy

At 8 weeks old it was clear that Xander had very strong neck muscles and could hold his head up when being carried. However when lying down he was unable to lift his head. So when the folks at Tummy With Mummy kindly offered to send Xander one of their products to review I was delighted as I hoped this would help him to develop this skill.

Tummy With Mummy is a product which encourages babies to enjoy being on their tummies. I had tried lying Xander on a blanket with a long sausage like cushion but he really didn't enjoy this and had little patience with the position. So I was hoping that the Tummy With Mummy would make tummy time a lot more bearable for both him and us!

When the Tummy With Mummy arrived I was surprised how compact it was. This is great as if you have a baby you'll know they take up a lot of space with all their belongings. The compact nature of the product meant we could easily pack it up and take it to Xanders grandparents when we went to visit!

It was easy to construct. You simply unfold it and fasten zips along the sides and hey presto!

Initially when Xander started tummy time with Tummy With Mummy he couldn't lift his head and barely last a few minutes without screaming. However we ensured he had tummy time at least a few minutes everyday and slowly but surely he began to tolerate lying on his tummy and then just a few days ago for the first time Xander lifted his head!! I was so excited about him reaching this milestone and you could tell from his little face he was too!!

As well as using the product for tummy time it also has a seat feature which allows babies to sit upright! Straight away Xander loved this feature as it allowed him to look around and interact with others. Because It has high sides, a solid back and safety harness Xander felt very secure!

The Tummy With Mummy also allows babies to lie in a reclined position which has been perfect for doing our baby massage as Xander is slightly raised and means that I don't have to crouch down on the floor!

Tummy With Mummy retails at £59.99.
Its the perfect tool to assist you in introducing a tummy time routine to your little one. Tummy time is an important element of your baby's development. Not only does it increase baby's upper body strength but improves their motor skills and for this reason I urge you to consider purchasing the Tummy With Mummy.

We received this product for free for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. That looks amazing, I shall be telling friend's with little ones about this! Zo xx


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