Thursday, 6 September 2012

Competition: 'Babies: The mumsnet guide'

As promised today i'm very excited to announce my very first 'My Crafty Mummy' competition!

The prize is a copy of this invaluable book 'Babies: The mumsnet guide' RRP £12.99.

How many of you have taken to google to seek answers about your baby? Just this week i have searched the following: colour of poop, constipation, weird rashes and pimples, dry skin, sleep patterns, crying ...  Well, this book claims to have 'The Answers to Everything' baby related, with chapters on pregnancy, starting out, feeding, mums bodies, sleep, food, babies health, parenting, relationships, childcare and work. This is literally the baby bible and the advice is written in a very humorous and non-patronising way.

To get your hands on this book all you have to do is:
  • follow this blog (use the link on the lefthand side) 
  • Leave a comment below telling me what the first thing you would look up if you won the book.
  • Please also leave contact details so i can contact you if you win (e.g Twitter username)
 I will pick a winner randomly on Friday 14th September. Good Luck!!

If you have any questions about this competition please feel free to email me:
Please note you can only enter once and multiple entries will be completely removed from the competition. UK entries only. Please spread the word of this competition to any mums-to-be and mummies you know!


  1. Hi The first thing I would look up is any information about weaning as my son will soon becoming up to that age
    My Twitter name is @mummytraining27

  2. I hope the weird rash is ok now!! Poor Xander but at least his mummy has plenty of good resources to turn to! xxx

  3. Hi honey!!! I'd look up development stages - I'm forever trying to find out what milestones he should be hitting next. I also need tips on how to get him to sleep, how to deal with teething, weaning... oh dear - I'd read the whole book cover to cover - I need all the help I can get!

  4. I think I'd read it all, just to see if those answers I needed 14 yrs ago are in there! Ha ha, would make the perfect gift I reckon. You know how to contact me! Take care lovely. Zo xx

  5. My sister is having her first baby next month so I would give it to her so she could look up about this funny coloured poo (I'm still intrigued haha!) I think
    She will have lots of questions to look up being a first time mum too... xxx p.s. twitter: @stephanie_emma

  6. Being induced next week so this would be great to win. I think one of the first things I would look up is info on sleep!!


  7. Entry for Amanda Jayne (@missamanda77) who for some reason has been unable to leave a message on here. She tweeted me saying if she won she would give it to her friend who is due soon to look up vital info.

  8. How to get your kids to sleep through the night without waking


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