Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sad to say goodbye to the Olympics...

Can you believe it's all over?! What a superb Olympics and Paralympics and in the Tidd household we'll be very sad to see them end.

The athletes and games makers have been truely inspirational and have made GB proud!

Xander was an Olympic baby! Born on the 1st August 2012. Born on the day we won our first gold medals! The Olympics kept me sane in my last couple of days of maternity leave and our first few weeks of parenthood, always on and easy to dip in and out of it was a lifesaver!!

We're really sad to see the end of these wonderful events and just hope they really do inspire the next generation. I hope one day Xander will show the desire, strength and enthusiasm the athletes have shown these games.

Xander is distraught by the prospect of the Olympics coming to an end. I leave you with a pic of him in his official Team GB romper suit with Wenlock looking quite emotional:

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