Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The 12 Week Scan!

At 9am on the 17th January we was sitting in the waiting area of the hospital for our 12 week scan.

The weeks leading up to this momentous event had been very busy (with Christmas, Hubby's birthday and January exams taking up a lot of my time) yet at the same time they had dragged. Waking up everyday feeling extremely sick had taken its toll. Although in a way I was grateful for the sickness as at least it was an indication I was pregnant! At 12 weeks there's hardly any bump to speak of, no movements and you'd be hard pushed to find a heartbeat with a doppler especially if you are not medically trained. But today was the day we would see the beginnings of an actual baby!

The scan we had been to at six weeks was special but there was little to be seen just a tiny flashing dot, but this scan astounded me! You could see every little part of Baby Tiddlywink! The sonographer took all the measurements and did the calculations to indicate whether our baby was at risk of being down syndrome, all came back fine and we was given the date of the 31st July as our due date.

We was sent away with six different pics of our precious little one to gaze at. Here's our favourite one, with a little leg kicking up!

A little tip though with scan pics. They don't age well. The paper they use is not acid free. Store them in an airtight box wrapped in acid free paper to preserve them. Make sure you get some copies of them. I'm wary of putting them through the photocopier, scanning is best or take a picture of the original using a digital camera.

We both decided to take the complete day off of work that day. We was keen to do the rounds and notify family and close friends in person. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE social media sites like Twitter and Facebook but didn't want people to find out that way. I wanted to tell them and see their reaction and happiness firsthand!

For the rest of that day I couldn't stop staring at the little black and white photo of our little one tucked up all snug inside me!!

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