Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Calm Before The Storm...

So, the aim of my first view posts is to update you all on our journey to parenthood so far...

We got married in July 2010. I know every bride says their wedding day was the best ever, but ours really was! I loved every single part of planning my wedding, it was a brilliant opportunity to share with all our friends and family my creativity and craftiness.

From the get-go we decided to split our budget right down the middle and have a modest wedding and then splurge the rest on a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon. Although we had a smaller than average wedding budget i didn't scrimp - i negotiated every little part and those bits we couldn't afford i did myself.

The sun came out for our wedding day, i had an enjoyable morning getting ready with my mum, sisters and bridesmaids, we all travelled to the ceremony together on a vintage bus, the ceremony was perfect, customised to suit our personalities with beautiful readings from our most dearest friends and family, we had an informal meal (no fancy food - burger and chips, fish and chips etc) and then a super good party in the evening with a fantastic band made up of friends, work colleagues and even two of mine and hubby's old teachers!

The whole day was US and i wouldn't have changed one little bit. I feel sorry when i hear people who say their parents have taken over and has imposed certain features that they just don't want.

And the honeymoon - oh! Well! That was AMAZING! 7 days in Vegas baby! We literally did everything and anything we wanted to!! We stayed at the Venetian (which was absolutely stunning and complete luxury!) We went to shows and the highlight a helicopter trip to the canyon, with the opportunity to land in the basin and have a champagne picnic whilst watching the sunset - simply the most romantic experience ever!

The second week began by picking up a convertible Mustang and taking a road trip to LA through Death Valley - i have never experienced heat like it! (Hubby was quite disappointed that it was too hot we couldn't even put the car roof down - it hit 120 degrees!) We stayed for the next 7 days in LA, Beverley Hills, staying in the Beverly Wiltshire - the hotel from Pretty Woman! The hotel was amazing!! We spent a lot of time by the pool (after insisting that my bikini was simply not posh enough and buying a new one to fit in with the rest of the clientele!) We of course also visited the theme parks and just had a ball!

It was whilst on honeymoon we discussed our future. Secure in our home and jobs we decided we both would like children, but we would wait awhile and just enjoy being married and get any non-child friendly experiences out of our system so we could concentrate on children when they finally arrived.

Over the next two years we had some fantastic experiences. Hubby went on several stag do's abroad - to Latvia and Bratislava (i do not want to know what went on there!!) we had some fab nights out, went to a Polish wedding (and drank copious amounts of vodka) and i had a wonderful, once in a lifetime opportunity to take a group of students on a expedition to Tanzania (i actually went twice - once for a week long trip on a teachers recce and then in July 2011 for 4 weeks with 13 students)

My Tanzania trip meant us being apart for our first wedding anniversary. Hubby completely understood and insisted that i went and on my return (just 24 hours after touchdown) i was back on a plane. This time with hubby on our way to the Dominican Republic! We had a wonderful all inclusive week in Semana. (i enjoyed the luxury after the basic accommodation and food in Tanzania!) Again doing everything and anything we desired - swimming with dolphins, horse riding and catamaran trips to Bacardi Island!

We was laying in bed one night whilst in the Dominican pondering the future and the topic of children came up ... 'Let's start trying, I'm ready' i said, 'Me too' replied hubby... three months later i pee'd on that white stick and it was positive!! I'm Pregnant!! The journey had begun...


  1. Gorgeous pictures, you looked stunning! A perfect day and your adventures afterwards sound amazing! And now of course you are on a new adventure, one that will last a lifetime - being a mum is the best job in the world I reckon. Take care Zo xx

  2. Harmonious mutual understanding of each other's likes & needs (as shown in your wedding day and marriage thus far) = perfect parenthood potential, now realised. Lucky Xander!

  3. Your wedding day sounds fabulous and if it was just the way you wanted - perfect! Love the photos. Looking forward to the next chapter!


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