Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Being pregnant and then being a new mum is on the whole a very pleasurableexperience, but that's not to say it doesn't come with any pitfalls. Oneserious issue I had during the final weeks of my pregnancy was extremelyswollen feet and ankles to the point that my ordinary shoes just did not fit mygiant feet. Fortunately for me it was fairly warm (July) and flip flopssufficed but I craved a really super comfortable pair of shoes.

When I came across the Cheekyshoes website via Twitter(@cheekyshoes1) I knew immediately that they would be a product mums-to-be andnew mums would love. When Marcin at Cheekyshoes offered to send me a pair toreview I jumped at the chance!  

 The most difficult decision was deciding what colour to select. Thereare currently six vibrant colours available in the range: Electric Blue,Luscious Lemon, Sparkling Orange, Sumptious Cerise, Tomtastic Red and ZestyGreen. If I had my way I’d have them all but eventually selected the SumptiousCerise.

Next challenge was selecting the size... sounds sillydoesn’t it, not really knowing what size shoe I should order, but my shoes sizehas been unpredictable since pregnancy – sometimes I’m a 5 and other timesa 6. I usually prefer to buy my shoes at a shop, so that I have the option totry them on and wander around the shop to ensure they’re right and for thatreason refrain from buying shoes online. But the Cheekyshoes website provides useful guidance about selectingthe right size for you and even gives you the opportunity to measure yourexact foot size by printing of a measurement contour to ensure you order theperfect size for you!

The website is easy to navigate and ordering is simple, there are lots ofpayment methods available including PayPal. Receiving your Cheekyshoes is aseasy as pie. Postage is a complete bargain at £1.95 first class or FREE secondclass and their specially designed packaging means they go straight throughyour letter box, so there’s no waiting around for the postman (just a treatwaiting for you when you get in).

When my Cheekyshoes arrived Icouldn’t wait to put them to the test. As a new mum I’m keen to lose the babyweight I gained during pregnancy and so have been trying to get out and aboutfor walks with my son Xander. So off we went to Portsmouth where we had alengthy walk around the harbour and shops to put my new Cheekyshoes to thetest.

Usually after an hour or so ofwearing flip-flops my feet would be achy and sore but I found my Cheekyshoesreally comfy! I usually find slip on shoes rub my heels and within hours I’dhave blisters but that didn’t happen at all. The flexible fabric meant that theshoes fitted the contours of my feet perfectly, they didn’t pinch or rub.
Cheekyshoes are not youraverage style of shoe. The vibrant colours may not appeal to everyone butpersonally I think they look fab with a pair of jeans. They are casual but isthat a bad thing?  I urge you yummy mummies to consider buying a pair.They’re the perfect shoes for mums-to-be and mums on the go because they’re sodamn comfortable!


The lovely folks at Cheekyshoeshave kindly offered to give a pair of shoes away to THREE lucky ‘mycraftymummy’blog followers. All you have to do to be in the draw to win is:

1.     Make sure you’re following the My Crafty Mummy blog. (The follow buttonis on the left hand side of this blog)

2.     Carefully read my review of Cheekyshoes and e-mail amyjtidd@gmail.com the answer to thefollowing question: Why are Cheekyshoes the perfect shoes for mums-to-be andmums on the go. (Be sure to title the email 'Cheekyshoes comp')

This competition will be liveuntil midnight on Tuesday 26thSeptember!

Then, THREE lucky winners willbe randomly selected from the correct answers, who will be notified by emailabout their win and have the opportunity to select the colour and size of theirCheekyshoes!


I recieved Cheekyshoes free for the purpose of review. All views expressed are my own.


  1. Wow those shoes look sooooo comfy....
    Fab blog

  2. Oooh I wonder if they would suit me, I struggle 'being comfy' at times cos of my conditions. I rarely wear shoes any more it's either Fitflops or Boots so maybe these would help?! May just enter! Take care Zo xxx

  3. these look fab! I'm away to look at the website
    Kirsten x

  4. These sound just the thing for my busy days running round trying to combine being a mum with working and all those other things I just can't say no to! Thank you for the opportunity to win a pair!

  5. Trying to find a pair of comfy shoes is a nightmare - would love to give these a go!!

  6. fab review, i need some of these in my life :)


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