Monday, 3 September 2012

The beginning...

I'll start from the beginning ... it's a pretty good place to start! At 18 years old i was all set to go off to university to be young, single and carefree, 2 months before the start of term i met a boy and went on a date or two ... 10 years later we're still together, married and just last month had our first child - a little boy we called Xander. Life is now perfect!!

I've set up this blog to journal our experiences as first-time parents and hope that this blog may help those who are about to embark on parenthood!! Trust me ... it's not as easy as it seems!!

I hope for this blog to be interactive, a forum for individuals to share their own experiences and offer help and advice to others! I'd love you to follow my blog and look forward to establishing this blog.

(I already have an established crafty blog: - please take a look if you get a mo!)


  1. Hope you don't mind me following, I know my 'baby' is a little old now but I do have lots of friend's who are having babies, I had Keagan at 23, while many of my friend's didn't start having children until their 30's, 1 was only days off 40. None of them really blog or use the internet so I hope I can gain some advice to pass on! Take care Zo xx

  2. Looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

  3. aww welcome to the world Xander xxx

  4. well I have no children of my own but I will read with interest. Congratulations and good luck!!!

  5. What a lovely journey you have ahead, I loved it all so much we ended up with 6!


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