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REVIEW:Newborn Photoshoot by Frazer Alexander Photography

When Frazer Alexander Photography contacted me in my final trimester and asked if I would like to review a newborn photo-shoot I just could not resist.

As you well know, babies change so much from when they are first born and are changing literally every day, we often have pictures taken of when they are a few months old but very those precious Newborn days are rarely professionally captured. As parents, we rely on taking candid pictures ourself or by friends and family. It's such a shame to not record this short but amazing stage of your little ones life!

With Frazer Alexander Photography, the idea is that you make a provisional booking within a week of your due-date, so they can schedule your session correctly, of course they don't expect you to know exactly when baby will arrive but the session needs to ideally take place before the baby is 14 days old, this is for a variety of reasons. Babies at this stage are still "curly from the womb", they sleep better and don't suffer from colic or baby acne and perhaps most importantly, they are still very much Newborn looking.

Joanne offers both home visits (available depending on distance) as well as studio shoots.

The studio is based in Kenley, Surrey which is close to junction 6 off M25 (CR8 post code). They supply all blankets and props including swaddle blankets and they aim for a very much home from home type service, where Mums can come along with dad's or a Grandma or Friend.

For Xanders shoot Joanne came along to the house along with her assistant Lucy. I was amazed by the amount of props they managed to squeeze in their car - backdrops, flooring options, massive beanbag, throws and knitted costumes. Joanne assured me this was just a small selection of available props and they have even more back at the studio!

They have to allow for an entire day for a newborn shoot, as the baby is the priority, they wait till the baby goes off into a deep sleep and this can take hours. It actually took four hours for Xander to get into a deep enough sleep before the photoshoot could even begin. Joanne and Lucy remained completely patient and continually reassured me that they would get the perfect pictures.

Their calm and reassuring attitude is what makes the newborn photo experience with Frazer Alexander so special. They dedicate a day to Mummy and Baby. They don't want Parents to feel pressured whatsoever and it is very clear that the baby's comfort and safety is their number one priority. They came armed with blankets to wrap Xander in to keep him warm and even a portable heater. I was also impressed with their use of hand sanitizer before handling him. As Joanne herself says "Our mantra is safety comes first, along with baby and Mummy."

After several hours, Xander dropped off into a deep sleep and below is one of the beautiful images Joanne captured.

This images in my opinion depicts my gorgeous little boy, his personality and mannerisms. Joanne achieves this by allowing the time to get to know you and your baby, not doing a rush job like some other photographers.

My prized possessions (hubby and baby aside) are the boxes of photos, photo albums and scrapbooks I own. Each photo depicts a memory, feeling or experience that I can cherish for ever. Photos explain our past, allow us to celebrate the present and are a memento we can pass to future generations. I have a beautiful collection of photographs of Xander that capture his earliest days and I will cherish these forever. I'd like to thank Joanne and Lucy for their professional and personal service!

A special offer:

Frazer Alexander Photography are currently offering a deal whereby for £250, bookings that are made before 31 October 2012 for future babies, get the day's session and their 10 favourite images, fully retouched on a High Resolution Disc. This means that rather than buying individual prints, Parents can buy the disk to make pictures themselves. They do offer Professional Printing (that high street printers are unable to match quality wise) and canvas, professional books for babies, but they are also conscious that while other Newborn specialists would allow you to buy a disc, you would alone be paying in excess of £600 and with Christmas coming up, its a great promotion to take advantage of!

Contact Joanne today for more information or to make a booking:
Twitter: @frazeralexphoto
Tel: 020 3186 3087
M: 07716 825 481

Joanne also offers other types of photoshoots. See her website for details.

We recieved this photoshoot free for the purpose of review. All views expressed are my own.

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