Sunday, 23 September 2012

REVIEW and COMPETITION: Zippysuit Dribble Bib

It was the middle of the night. I was attempting a nightfeed in the dark and thought i was doing a good job, until it came to the end of the bottle and I went to put Xander back down in his Moses basket and realised he was soaked through. Despite using a bib and attempting to mop up any residue milk with a muslin cloth i had no choice but to change him into a new vest and babygrow. Which woke him up and meant a restless night for both him and me. Quite honestly he may aswell not have worn a bib it was so ineffective.

In my time of need I called out an SOS to the Twitter community, asking if anyone could recommend a decent bib that wouldn't soak milk through and this photo of Xander, my little milk vampire!:

...and @zippysuit answered my prayers! They sent me one of their navy blue star design dribble bibs to test and review!

As soon as it came out of the packaging I instantly knew it was much better quality than any other bib we'd been using and more stylish too!

Both hubby and I took it in turns to feed Xander using this bib and here are our views:

•Lovely colour and design.
•Thick durable material which was reasonably heavy and didn't flap around whilst feeding and get in the way like some of the other bibs we had.
•The cotton used is very soft, so kind on babies skin and this will prevent rashes.
•Xander seemed to prefer the scarf style bib. He likes to move his hands around whilst feeding and some of the other bibs we own restrict his movement by completely covering him up.
•Really absorbent but it held the residue milk and didn't soak through! It was so effective we used it two feeds in a row and didn't need to use a muslin! Saving on washing!
•There was two poppers meaning you could adjust the bib around Xanders neck, meaning it will last until he's much older and fitted much better than others as it tucked in under his neck rather than leaving a gap.
•Poppers on the bib rather than Velcro is a plus! Most of the other bibs we own have Velcro, which is a nightmare when washing them as they stick to all other clothing and one bib with Velcro
ruined one of Xanders cardigans by sticking to it. We won't have that problem with a Zippysuit dribble bib!
•They're machine washable and can be tumble dried! Perfect for the busy parent on the go!

•There was a tiny gap around Xanders neck which resulted in a teeny tiny amount of milk dribbling down and getting him a tiny bit damp on one strap of his dungerees BUT not enough he had to be changed AND i believe this problem would not have occurred if we had used a newborn size so it was tighter around his neck.

Zippysuit's dribble bibs retail at £3.95 for one, a twin pack sells for £6.95 or you can buy a pack of four for £14.50. Before doing this review I may have considered this quite expensive for one bib as I was easily going through 4-5 a day, however due to their super absorbency and practicality this price is fair and the cheaper bibs that I had previously been using could be considered a false economy in comparison.

Zippysuit dribble bibs come in a range of colours, designs and sizes ands my coordinate with the patent pending unique sleep suits (which have a zip instead of poppers) to allow easier and calmer changing. These are a genius idea that I'm dying to try as changing Xander especially at night is a real pain!

I urge you to check out Zippysuit's website today! There products would make perfect baby shower, new baby, first birthday or Christmas gifts.


The kind folks at Zippy Suits have offered to giveaway a zippysuit dribble bib to one lucky follower of this blog! All you have to do to be with a chance of winning is:

1) Make sure you’re following the My Crafty Mummy blog. (The follow button is on the left hand side of this blog - of you're using a mobile you'll have to have the blog on full website to see the follow button)
2) Visit the Zippysuit website and then answer the following question:

Q: What design dribble bib would you like to win and why? (please ensure you leave some contact information e.g your Twitter username so I can contact you if you win!)

The competition will be live for three weeks. No entries will be valid after midnight on October 14th 2012. Only one entry per person. UK entries only. Good luck!

Zippysuit gave us a dribble bib for free for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.


  1. This sounds like a great bib seriously need something better for Thomas.
    If I was to win this (fingers tightly crossed) I would love the indigo blue one with the stars :)

  2. Really like the look of these bibs compared to other ones I've seen. I'd LOVE the hot pink one for Amelia so my poor fraught husband doesn't get his work clothes covered in milk or food when she turns her head to give him a big messy grin!

  3. Love the Super absorbent bandana dribble bib in Indigo blue. It looks really jazzy and would suit a boy or a girl.@SandraC0206

  4. I would like the super absorbant indigo blue one for my friends little boy

  5. I would like to win the aqua blue bandana, I think its very cute and would be unisex.


  6. Navy blue stars!! Can't go wrong with navy. Sure my niece or nephew (not sure yet) would love one.

  7. I like the light pink one with the little star design on it :) My girl is a girly girl so it would just be perfect :) @wallymummy xx

  8. I would love the aqua one for my Daughter, pretty :)


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