Thursday, 20 September 2012

Five Things That You Should Avoid Saying

Inspired by My Two Mums list on five things that you should avoid saying to a new mother, I have decided to make my own list of things that bother me when people say them. Here it goes:

1) it's fair enough (in some instances) when people ask if the baby is a boy or a girl, but not when they're clearly wearing clothing etc when it makes it so obvious. Asking once, especially when a baby is a newborn is forgivable but what really gets my goat is when people have asked and then still refer to Xander as 'she' ... Why ask if you're not prepared to listen?!
2) My little boys name is Alexander. We named him this as a tribute to my hubby's mum who sadly passed away. She was known as Alex. It was decided that at the moment it's still a little too raw to have another Alex Tidd in the family so we opted for Xander. Which is a name we love. We always say to people 'his name is Alexander shortened version Xander' yet people still call him Alex. It's not his name! Grrrrrrrrr
3) This one I stole from My Two Mums: Don’t stop me and refer to Xander as ‘new' It makes him sound like an inanimate object.
4) When hubby is looking after our son don't ask me if he's babysitting. Teenagers babysit, fathers do not!!
5) Why do people ask if babies are 'good'?! Surely all babies are good, how can they be bad?!

Has this list inspired you? Why not write your own?! It's good to vent!!

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