Monday, 24 September 2012

The 20 Week Scan!

We went for our 20 week scan a day after my birthday (13th March) To me it was the most perfect birthday gift!!

We had another early appointment (9am) but unlike the 12 week scan we both had to go into work afterwards.

On the drive to the hospital we discussed whether or not we wanted to know the sex of the baby. I desperately wanted to, but hubby expressed that he'd like a surprise. We had always said that we'd only find out if both of us wanted to know so surprise it was.

We arrived early, parked up, paid for the scan pics in advance and waited. We was called in and the scan began! We had an agency sonographer, she explained that a member of staff had called in sick. She told us to bare with her as she was unfamiliar with the machine etc.

She placed the jelly on my belly and up flicked baby tiddlywink on the screen!! She asked us we wanted to know the sex, we both said no and then she began showing us every little part of our baby. We couldn't believe the development in just 8 weeks! Little fingers and toes! So cute!

Next she had to check organs. Neither me or hubby could believe how clear the images were. All was going well with the scan until she went to check the heart.

Our little one had been very still through the scan and the sonographer had reassured us everything was ok, but she was unable to see the four heart chambers clear enough to confirm this. She said she needed the baby to move and so sent us for a walk and told me to drink a sugary drink and come back in ten minutes or so.

We did exactly that and ten minutes later we was waiting outside the scan room waiting to be called back in. We waited, and waited for almost 15 minutes more. In the mean time we'd seen the sonographer walking up and down the corridor to another office and talking to other staff.

By this point I was beside myself, convinced that there was something wrong with our baby. Maybe she'd seen something on the scan? The baby had been very still? My hubby tried to console me, to convince me all was well but I could tell he was nervous too.

We was eventually called back in. Jelly on tummy ... Here we go again. There was baby tiddlywink and right there and then movement!! A little arm stretched upwards and then our baby popped its thumb straight in It's mouth! I was suddenly reassured and breathed a sigh of relief!

The sonographer was able to take all the measurements she needed and began finishing up the scan by recording these on the screen. She was just packing up when out of the blue hubby asked if she'd noticed if our baby was a boy or a girl. She said she'd avoided that area on the grounds that we didn't want to know. Hubby asked of it was too late to change his mind!

We found out that day we was having a little boy. A perfect but lazy little boy!! Best birthday present ever!!

(My next pregnancy blogpost will be about my second half of my second trimester - which was quite eventful!)

So, what was your 20 week scan like? Did you choose to find out the sex of your baby or wait for a surprise? I'd love you to share your experiences. Please leave a comment xxx

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  1. I remember mine really well, even though it was a long time ago, all along my pregnancy there were discrepancies about dates; baby just didn't measure up to the size they'd expect for the dates I said, so they kept put the dates back by 3/4 wks! Even though I knew different. I'm really little, 4ft 10, so knew that average measurements would never apply to me so it made sense baby would be smaller too. Right up till the end, when Keagan arrived the paediatrician who had been called because K couldn't move properly after he'd been delivered. He had been so squished where they kept me longer than my dates he had gone numb! Anyway he said K was at least 2 wks overdue! I asked to know about his sex because I just wanted to be organised. Oh in the end K was 7lb 15, though if he had been delivered (had caesarean) when he should have been he would have been about 6lb they reckon. Take care Zo xx


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