Saturday, 29 September 2012

Why I love twitter!

The other day hubby commented on how much I have been on my phone recently. I have to admit I'm on it a lot and most of the time I'm on twitter.

The reasons I love twitter so much are:
1) its a great way of communicating with people that have the same interests as me, mainly crafters and new mums! I've even met some of them and hope to meet more in the future.
2) some of the people on there actually care. People i know always ask me how Xander is, very few people ask how I am. That's not the case on twitter! I have some very lovely followers, some who I would consider friends.
3) some people on twitter give great advice especially when it comes to baby advice. You post a question and get an almost instant answer!
4) in the middle of the night when you're doing a night feed you have company! There's always mummy's on there doing the same thing as you!
5) the fab retailers on there! I love the unique products people sell especially the handmade items!

Why do you love twitter? Leave a comment below!

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