Tuesday, 25 September 2012

REVIEW: MyPocketBuddy Hand Sanitizer

My Pocket Buddy seems to have hit Twitter by storm, recruiting bloggers up and down the land to review their new product: my pocket buddy on-the-go hand sanitizer and I was one of the lucky bloggers asked to give it a try!!

This offer could not have come at a better time for me because I was coming to the end of the bottle of hand sanitizer that I keep in the nappy bag (which if I'm honest I didn't really like it as it had a very strong smell to it.)

I've always used hand sanitizer but it has become a staple item in my life since the arrival of Xander and a bottle of hand sanitizer comes with us everywhere i go, usually packed into the nappy bag. Well, if your nappy bag is anything like mine - packed to the rafters with far too much stuff (just in case) you will be please to see that My Pocket Buddy is compactly packaged in a unique, compact pen style design which doesn't take up too much room!:

As far as i'm concerned it is the perfect hand sanitizer for mums on the go, it's bright quirky design would encourage even the most relunctant children to spritz their hands and the fab thing is it is alcohol free, allergen free and contains aloe vera which means it is kind on skin as well as offering safe protection from nasty germs.

Probably the best feature for me is how super fast My Pocket Buddy dries, literally in seconds and your hands are not left sticky like many other hand santizers i have tried.

I  recommend you take a look at the My Pocket Buddy website and also follow them on Twitter. My Pocket buddy spray pen is a must have in your nappy bag! It's available to buy online in their online store.

I recieved a My Pocket Buddy Spray Pen for free for the purpose of the review. All opinions displayed are my own.

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  1. For many reasons, I too have to use sanitizer but the one I have is very drying on the skin - might give this one a whirl next time I re-stock.


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