Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Second Trimester (Part 1)

So, back to the story of my pregnancy. Many claim that the second trimester is much more friendly than the first and on the whole i would have to agree that's accurate. I had hardly any morning sickness and was generally sleeping well... to start with! My second trimester was a bit Jekyll and Hyde. For this reason I've decided to divide my second trimester story into two posts:

The most exciting development for me in the second trimester was watching my bump grow!! The early bump just looked like i had eaten way too much over christmas! But that first time someone asks you when your baby is due because you have a real baby bump is a special moment! My bump grew quite quickly and there was lots of jokes that it was going to be a big baby... although this didn't really bother me as the labour still seemed a long way away.

At 16 weeks we went for our midwife appointment where we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time. I could have listened to that noise all day! A welcomed reassurance that baby tiddlywink was growing well, seeing that we wasn't yet experiencing any movements.

We started planning for baby's arrival, planning the nursery, researching and buying the essentials (pushchair, car seat, Moses basket and cot) I loved wandering around all the baby shops and buying teeny tiny clothes!

The next big milestone to head towards was our 20 week scan which we had on the 13th March...

(My next pregnancy post will be about our 20 week scan)

Let me know about your second trimester experiences. Did your morning sickness go? Did you feel well?

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