Monday, 1 October 2012

8 Week Immunisations: My advice

Oh dear, Xander went for his 8 week immunisations on Wednesday. It wasn't a very pleasant experience for either him or us. There are a few things we wish we knew before taking him so here's our advice:

1) Don't go alone. It is upsetting not just for him but for you. Take someone with you, especially if the appointment is combined with a post-natal checkup for you. It means you can be checked over thoroughly without worry about baby.
2) Don't get to the doctors early. Of you are early wait outside the waiting room or go for a walk nearby. Enter the surgery on time. Let's not forget doctors hardly ever run to time and the last thing you need is you and your baby exposed to sickness by waiting for what may seem like forever in a waiting room full of sick people. You're there to prevent your little one getting sick.
3)Put your baby in clothes easy to pull on and off and that are loose.
4) Take a blanket. The nurse checked him over and then Xander had to wait quite some time stripped off waiting for the doctor to come in and do her checks. Luckily we had a blanket to cover him over otherwise he would have got chilly.
5) Pack tissues! I bawled my eyes out!!
6) Saying that try to be brave. If you act casual and calm it is possible baby will mimic this and see it all as no big deal. (hubby was better at this than me!)
7) Buy some calpol. 2 month old babies can have 2 x 2.5ml in 24 hours. It doesn't sound like a lot but it does make a difference.
8) Write off at least the rest of the day. Baby will most likely be sleepy and/or grouchy. Just have a sofa day and plenty of cuddles.
9) Don't assume side effects will come and go within 24 hours. They can last longer. (Xander suffered with a fever which materialised Friday night)
10) If your baby does get a fever check their clothes: not too little or too many, calpol is your friend and make sure they don't get dehydrated (plenty of breastfeeding or if you're bottle feeding some boiled cool water.)

The cruel thing is he'll be over it in a few days, back into his routine then then we go through it all again at
12 weeks! I just have to remind myself it's the best thing for him.

Do you have any tips/advice for parents taking their little ones for immunisations? Please leave a comment below.


  1. These are great tips, thanks for sharing:)

  2. Thought this a great insight, Amy, as I can recall those times with my two. The best advice is always Be Prepared and, sometimes, fearing it being a trial makes it seem less so, maybe. Maybe not. So I hope Xander is now feeling MUCH better, bless him. Mum too.


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