Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Activities to do with a 0-3 month baby

The first few weeks of parenthood are a complete blur, they go by so fast and you find you barely leave the house apart from the occasional trip to the supermarket to stock up on supplies, the odd visit to the midwife or possible to see a relative or two. You have the company of your partner aswell whilst they're on paternity leave so you have adult company. But what do you do all day long after the dust has settled and your other half has gone back to work?

Well if i'm honest at first I drifted from day to day, watched a lot of daytime tv and ate alot of chocolate! But after a week or so I suffered cabin fever and craved adult company (there's only limited conversations you can have with a baby!)

So I researched baby groups in my area and made an effort to get out and about! It's been great for Xander to interact with other babies and I've met a few mummy's in the same situation as me!! I no longer feel alone!

So far we've attended:
• a baby massage course (run by our local sure start children's centre) See my blogposts on these sessions for more details!
• baby bounce and rhyme time (run by our local library)
• bumps and babies group (run by our local NCT division)
• baby stay and play/ baby scrapbooking session (run by our local sure start children's centre)
• baby sensory (run by our local sure start children's centre)

I plan to write some individual blogposts about these sessions, so make sure visit back to my blog real soon!!

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