Sunday 14 October 2012

REVIEW: Joy and Joe Baby Wrap

Today marks the end of baby wearing week and so I feel it completely fitting to post this review of the Joy and Joe Baby Wrap today.

I'll be honest, I loved the idea of baby wearing but was absolutely petrified of giving it a go for the fear of doing it wrong and dropping the most precious thing in my life.

Joy and Joe Baby was convinced they could reassure me that baby wearing was safe and enjoyable and offered to send me a royal blue baby wrap to review.

The wrap arrived all neatly packaged and looked like this:

When I unravelled it I just could not believe how long it was! 5 metres!!! The wrap came with lots of information including safety information - The T.I.C.K.S rules for safe baby wearing:

As well as a thorough information booklet with instructions on how to use the wrap. But I'll be honest after reading it for over half an hour I was still at a loss as to what to do with the reams of material! I'm a visual learner and fortunately Joy and Joe Baby have thought ahead to provide some very clear YouTube videos demonstrating how to tie the wrap! Perfect!

I was too scared to try with Xander straight away so to start with Mickey Mouse was my guinea pig!:

I carefully followed the YouTube video and got it mastered, convinced I was never going to remember all the stages but after a few tries it came quite natural to me.

So next stage trying it with Xander:

Initially Xander was a bit wriggly and I was a bit apprehensive, concerned whether I had tied it tightly enough. But slowly my confidence increased and with this Xander began to settle down and snuggle in! Baby wearing started to feel a little more natural!

I found that using the wrap was as practical around the house as using it out and about! I've actually been able to get a lot done as I'm not having to carry Xander around it my arms! Brilliant!

At the moment I've only mastered the newborn position but I understand there are others and we'll be trying them out in due course!

Even if you're nervous, please consider giving baby wearing a go. Not only is it a practical way of transporting your baby hands free it is also a lovely opportunity to stay close and bond with your baby!!

Joy and Joe baby wraps come in a huge variety of colours and designs you could literally have one to match every outfit!!


  1. Thanks so much Amy and Xander for reviewing one of our baby wrap carriers

  2. Oh wow I have never seen this before.. That looks pretty cool :-)

    Just to let you know I have nominated you for the Liebster blog award. You can find it here:

    Beki x


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