Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Xander's First Halloween!

I'm a big fan of all holidays and Halloween is no exception!! I couldn't let the day whizz by without getting Xander involved!

I couldn't resist buying him a Halloween costume and managed to purchase this super cute skeleton costume from the Next outlet in Portsmouth for the bargain price of £4!

On Tuesday we went to visit Joanne from Frazer Alexander Photography and whilst in the studio I could resist getting a spooky shot taken of little man:

(Doesn't the black background look cool!!)

On halloween itself Xander went to his baby group all dressed up:

So did several of the other babies. I love it when everyone gets involved!

We then went off into Basingstoke with my two sisters where we had a Pizza Hut lunch listening to lots of Halloween related songs! After lunch we visit the local library which had some Halloween related activities on including Halloween cookie making. Obviously Xander was too little to do this but we enjoyed watching my ten year old sister (dressed as a zombie Snow White!) make these!!

We finished off our spooky day by opening the door to all our Trick and Treaters and handing out popping candy! I loved seeing and hearing everyones reaction to my super cute skeleton!!

Hope you had a fun Halloween! Did your children dress up? Please feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. Awww he looks so cute. Loving all the baby Skeletons. Just wait until next year when our boys will be running around in their little costumes :)



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