Monday, 15 October 2012

The Third Trimester

The final 12 weeks seemed to drag! I tried to stay busy and worked right up to the end of summer term but I was literally on countdown and it always seems longer when you're counting down doesn't it? I felt like I was a small child counting down til Christmas!

My husband and family were brilliant in helping me cope with my impatience by organising little events throughout the final trimester for me to look forward to! All my family contributed towards a 3D scan of baby Tiddlywink - we went initially at 28 weeks but unfortunately the baby was lying awkwardly which meant we was unable to see the face so we rebooked and went back at 30 weeks (blogpost to follow) At 32 weeks hubby took me on a babymoon to Bath, at 36 weeks my sister and two best friends organised a baby shower for me and at 38 weeks I finished work.

Then I was at home ... Twiddling my thumbs. Waiting for Baby Tiddlywink. Those last two weeks until due date killed me because I knew there was a possibility that I may have to add two more additional weeks on. Also I was petrified of going into labour alone so didn't leave the house unless I was with someone.

On my due date there was still no sign of our little one. My sisters and brother popped around to visit and seeing how fed up I was suggested we all went for a curry to pass the evening. We went out and had a lovely meal. My sister dropped me off at my house about 9pm, hubby was still at work and my dad called asking how I was. I chatted to him for awhile, complaining that there was no sign of baby. I spent the rest of the evening knitting the final patch of the blanket I was making and watching the BBC documentary Midwifes (don't ask me why - I'm mad!) and waited for hubby to come home from his late shift. I was almost through the whole hour long programme when I realised I'd had a couple of twinges. Could this be it?! I called hubby up told him that it could be starting. I wasn't completely sure. He walked through the door at 11.20 and my waters broke at 11.30pm. This was it! Our baby was on its way!!

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  1. I agree the last couple of weeks went sooo slow.. I was booked in for a c-section at 39 weeks due to an upside-down baby but in the week leading up to it I turned into an insomniac x


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