Thursday, 4 October 2012

REVIEW: Dribble Buster Bibs

We've had the opportunity to review several different brands of bibs recently but none quite as stylish as the Dribble Buster bibs designed and made by Allison and her team.

As you are probably aware by now I love Xander to have unique clothing and accessories as much as possible. I have to say the range of patterned bibs that Dribble Buster have to offer is vast and completely different to other companies. You could go as far as describing Dribble Buster bibs as designer as one whole range are crafted from Liberty Print Fabrics from Regent Street!! How posh!

Alison sent us a blue gingham bib from their standard range (rrp: £7.99 or 3 for £21):

and a beautiful Tom Jet one from the liberty print range (rrp: £9.99)- I absolutely adore this pattern:

Not only are these dribble bibs super stylish, they're are also beautifully made and top quality. They do exactly what their name suggests and work so effectively that for the first time ever we managed to use the same bib for the whole day!! They are made from 100% cotton (so no synthetic materials against your babys skin) and they are back with a super soft fleecy absorbent backing, which means that dribbled milk doesn't soak through onto your babys clothes. The bibs are easy to put on and off and have two poppers ensuring they fit snuggly around your babys neck and they're machine
washable at 40 degrees. (If you run an iron over them quickly they literally look brand new!!)

You may look at the products on the website and initially feel that you cannot justify spending that much on a bib but I can promise you that buying any cheaper bibs is a false economy. Throughout a 24 hour cycle you'll use 3-4 (if not more) cheaper bibs but you'll only need one dribble buster for the same length of time!

Please check out the dribble buster website. Not only do they stock a fantastic range of bibs, they also sell some beautiful clothes, grow-bags and toys. It's a wonderful place to start buying Christmas gifts for your little one!

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  1. Have told some friends about their products as look fab! Wish I had their bibs 14 yrs ago! Perfect and I love the styles. Take care Zo xx


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