Friday, 12 October 2012

REVIEW: Tom Jet Growbag from Dribble Buster

Xander was born in August, when we brought him home from the hospital it was pretty warm and what with living in a town house (and our bedroom being right at the top in the roof) nights were hot and there was no need to put any blankets over him. He was toasty enough in a vest and babygrow.

However with the cold nights stepping in we had to start thinking about wrapping him up in the evenings. We began using a blanket but Xander is such a fidget at night within an hour or two he'd kick it off himself or even worse it would end up ravelled up towards his head. For a couple of nights the same happened. I carefully tucked him in, his feet touching the base of the Moses basket, but he'd wake himself up and he was clearly chilly.

So when Alison at Dribble Buster offered us a 'Tom Jet' (liberty print) sleeping bag to review we thought it would be worth a try. It turns out Alison lives and works just a few miles down the road from me so she actually hand delivered it, which was a real treat!

So that night we popped Xander in it:

Doesn't he look sooooooo cute! Here's what we thought of the Tom Jet Sleeping Bag:

• Well, firstly, as you will already know if you read my dribblebuster review I LOVE the tom jet liberty print!
• It is beautifully made.
• The 0-3 size is suitable for babies 7lb 6oz upwards. It has additional poppers along the side to use on smaller babies making the arm hole areas smaller ensuring that the sleeping bag fits.
• It's a generous size and I actually think it will last the average baby longer than three months.
• It's 3 tog and keeps baby warm even on the chilliest of nights.
• You can rest assured that covers will not smother your baby whilst your sleeping.
• They can be washed in the washing machine like blankets.
• Xander slept really well!!
• Finally babies look super, super cute whilst using them!

• The only disadvantage that I can possibly see is the size. The sleeping bag is very big and if your baby is still sleeping in a Moses basket it may be considered too big. Personally I think this simply represents value for money. I'm certain Xander will still be using this when he transfers into his cot!!

I cannot stress enough what a beautiful item this is. Please check out the Dribble Buster website and all the beautiful items Alison and her team
create. They would most definitely make beautiful Christmas gifts for new babies!

We received this item free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I think these type of sleep bags are definitely the done thing now. Both family and friends have been using them, I only wish I had one for Keagan back then, as it would've stopped many a night of me constantly tucking him in, making sure he wasn't cold etc, though he slept, so lots of 'Zoe not asleep' nights when I could've been! Take care Zo xx

  2. I love Thomas's sleeping bag I use them all the time now. Especially as hes in his own room now I just feel a lot calmer knowing covers wont ride up over his face. x

  3. Thomas looks adorable and snug in his sleeping bag.Pleased to hear it will last him a nice long time. xx

  4. This looks super cute! Charlie's two now but we has a variety of these as he was 5lb and it was winter when he was born and didn't become 7lb for nearly 3 months, he was very wriggly and transferred it to cot :) Xander looks double cute, the sleeping bag is a lovely designxxx


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