Saturday, 13 October 2012

Our second baby massage class!

Yesterday we went to our second (of three) baby massage sessions at our local sure start centre. (if you haven't checked yours out yet make sure you do they're brilliant places!)

This session was focused on the head and body massage. (Last week we covered massage techniques on the legs)

Xander really, really didn't enjoy having his face done. I will try again but won't push the issue, if he doesn't like it that's fair enough! But he LOVED having his body and in particular his tummy massaged!!

We learnt in particular massage strokes that ease trapped wind, constipation and colic. All of which I'm sure will come in useful in the near future.

Next week is our last session. I'll be a little sad for them to end as we have both enjoyed going along. We've made a couple of new mummy and baby friends and in fact next week a group of us are planning on attending a Stay And Play session at the children's centre (on a Friday morning) The session sounds completely my thing! Theres an opportunity to make a baby scrapbook! They have a digital camera and printer so you can take photos of your little one playing and with their friends and theres a messy play corner every week with hand and foot print projects!! Sounds like fun!!

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