Saturday, 6 October 2012

REVIEW: Names In Lights Sculpture

When i stumbled across @nameinlights on twitter I instantly knew I had found the most perfect housewarming gift for one of my best friends, Laura and her husband Dan.

Laura is the most fantastic gift giver, she finds the most unique presents which really puts the pressure on when finding a gift for her. So I decided to order her a Names In Lights sculpture for her new home!

As my regular followers know I'm a major lover of handmade handcrafted items. There's no better way of showing someone you care than giving them a bespoke item that is genuinely a one off, rather than something generic and off the shelf. Names In Lights really fits the bill

These custom made sculptures start at just £14.95 and are made to order. The effect is extraordinary. Within each solid clear letter (which can only be described as possessing a crackled ice effect) a constant, subtle colour change occurs! The colours are beautifully bright and vibrant which is especially impressive when you consider that they use only a trivial amount of electricity. You can run them all day long, yet they won't generate any heat!

I opted for a three letter sculpture with the characters 'L & D' (to represent Laura and Dan) and this is the finished result:

The sculpture subtly changes colour, so here are few of the other colours that are presented:

I literally could not wait to take it down to their new house and give it to them!! They adored it. Strangely enough they had just purchased an electric fire which had a similar changing light effect down the sides! Laura plugged it in and put it pride of place on the shelf underneath their wall mounted tv, which means everyone will see it!

The sculptures are powered either from the mains (each name light supplied to the UK comes with a free mains power adapter) or the USB on your PC! (They are fitted with an I-phone style adapter) Which gives you greater flexibility in where you choose to display your piece of art!

An SBS winner, Names In Lights truly deserve this accolade. If you want to support british brands and give a gift that gives the wow factor please consider Names In Lights!

I received this item for purpose of review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love these! I've been an avid fan for some time and plan to get one for Dexie's room.

  2. Thats a great idea! I love personalised touches in nurserys and would make a perfect nightlight!! :)

  3. Hi, Jill from Names In Lights here, just popping by to say thank you for your lovely review & we're very pleased that it went down so well :)

  4. Can I ask how tall the letters are?

  5. Can I ask how tall the letters are?

  6. From memory about 3 inches x


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