Wednesday, 24 October 2012

REVIEW: Butterlies & Ballerinas Handmade Taggy

I have started searching for Christmas gifts for Xander. He is such a tactile baby and a taggy blanket was definately on my list. So when Charlotte from Butterlies & Ballerinas offered to send us one of her handmade taggies to review i was delighted!

The taggy she sent has been made from beautiful bright, seasonal printed Anne Kelly Kaufman fabric. arrive. I'm sure you'll agree that this penguin print is just perfect for childrens Christmas gifts:

The taggy blanket is backed in a super soft fleece, which is perfect for baby snuggles!
Charlotte used a range of coordinated ribbons of all different textures including satin & grosgrain, bright colours and always incorporate patterned/spotty/gingham ribbons too:

Charlotte has thought of everything. The ribbons are extremely secure. To ensure this she sews around the edges five times to make sure they don't come undone.
Xander has recently started attending baby sensory classes and this Taggy is perfect as not only will he be attracted to the lovely bright colours but he will love all the different textures of the ribbons and supersoft fleece!
Charlotte repeats ribbon colours on opposite sides to encourage pairing skills when baby is slightly older. There's opportunities to play learning games with baby for example Mummy saying a colour and encouraging baby to out a colour to find the matching ribbon.
I'm sure this Taggy will become a favourite of Xanders and will become grubby in time. Well that's not an issue because the Taggy can be washed at 30 degrees!! Perfect!
Charlotte makes Taggies in small around 5-6inches, medium 8-9 inches and large approx 12 inches. You can contact her via Twitter (@butterinas) or visit her online shop to see her beautiful range of handmade items including Taggies, teddies and bandana bibs - a perfect place to start your Christmas shopping!


  1. Oh wow that is gorgeous. I love these taggy blankets, so wish things like this were around when Keagan was a baby! Take care Zo x

  2. Just bought a taggy blanket in gorgeous Kath Kidston fabric with a matching bandana bib!! :) Thanks for the recommendation Amy! xxx


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