Tuesday, 9 October 2012

REVIEW: Naughty Kitty Cupcake

Naughty Kitty is a newly formed business which offers a cupcakes with a twist! The twist being that they're not cakes at all but beautifully presented baby clothing or ladies lingerie rolled to look like a cupcake and presented in a cupcake case with a cute little flower on-top!

When Naughty Kitty offered to send me one of their cupcakes to review, I opted for a baby one, as I didn't want hubby getting the wrong idea if I received some sexy knickers!!

The cupcake arrived beautifully presented! A fun brightly designed bib with cute little zoo animals all over it, rolled into a blue cupcake case with a little flower decorating the top, wrapped in polythene and ribbon!

Naughty Kitty cupcakes are the perfect gift solution if you're attending a baby shower, visiting a new baby or attending a christening and with prices starting at £5.95 they won't break the bank!! Follow on twitter today: @kittyisnaughty to make an order!!

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  1. wow! what a good gift!! SO! kitsch will be following! xxx


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