Sunday, 7 October 2012

Our first baby massage class!

On Friday we went to our first baby massage class. It's a FREE three week course at our local surestart centre and it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences that I have had with Xander to date.

The class started at 1.30, typically Xander fell asleep at 1pm! When we arrived at the centre he woke up all grizzly and wanting a feed. I thought 'Oh no, mines going to be THAT crying baby!!' But I have him a quick bottle and he settled.

There was 11 mummies and babies participating in the session. We was arranged in a circle with our names in front of our mat so we knew who everyone was!!

The session focused on massage techniques on baby's legs which meant we didn't have to strip the babies of completely. Luckily Xander was wearing dungerees so all we had to do was unpopper the legs!

The instructor demonstrated each of the techniques before we tried on baby. Xander totally enjoyed it, it completely relaxed him!

He particularly enjoyed his foot massage (same as his mummy!)

Baby massage is considered to be important in creating a bond between parents and baby and I completely agree that it was lovely to spend some focused time interacting with Xander.

After the class we all stayed for awhile and had a chat. This session was the first mummy and baby activity we have done and Xander loved interacting with the other babies and it was lovely talking to other mums. Hopefully we'll make a few new friends!! Already looking forward to next Fridays session!

Why not look up your own surestart centre and see what they have to offer? I can't believe how many classes they run. I'm already on the waiting list for cooking for baby, baby scrapbooking and sensory massage! We're going to be sooooooooo busy!!


  1. Sounds fantastic, I'm so jealous because I know I would have loved these types of classes when Keagan was little but they did not exist. My friend who had her children much later, ie, in her 30's got to enjoy many similar course and I know she loved the massage sessions too. Don't think Keagan would really like it if I took him to a spa for a massage would he?!!!!! Lol Zo xx

  2. I absolutely loved these classes when Charlie was young, I took him to every group I could. It's a fab activity, especially for Charlie as it helped with his colic and it's amazing to bond. The pictures above are fab, the name settings are a lovely touch xx


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